Over 2,000 Educators trained and more than $500,000 donated to MSAP by AZ Masons

Other Masonic Programs

In Arizona there are many Masonic programs. Click here to find out more about some of these programs.

Mapping out the Road to help kids at risk

Mapping out the road to help kids at risk

In these times it's easy for kids to get lost. When a child is in pain, it becomes very easy for them to turn to drugs, alcohol, gangs, fall into depression or even turn to violence or suicide. When a child turns to such destructive activities, everyone loses -- kids, families, schools and the community.

Because Freemasons care about kids, they offer a nationally recognized seminar free to Arizona educators, administrators, and support staff in schools from kindergarten through high school. Called Masonic Student Assistance Program (MSAP) this three day workshop teaches participants how to identify kids at risk and how to develop plans of action to help them reverse their downward spiral and live successful, productive lives.

Ideally, a core team of 4 to 6 individuals from each participating school consisting of regular and/or special education teachers, administrators, school nurse and other staff members attend the session together. The seminar, all materials & food and lodging while attending are provided by Arizona Freemasons. There is no cost to the participating schools excepting transportation and substitute coverage where necessary.

Once trained, these core teams return to their schools and, in conjunction with other personnel, gather necessary information about at risk children to develop a school-based plan of action appropriate to the needs of each at risk child. MSAP provides specific strategies for identification and intervention in the areas of academics, health, behavior, and attendance. Teams are also made aware of locally available assistance for children who need outside help. Arizona was the first state to offer training for an entire school at one session.

Seeing the successes we have experienced, the Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children have plans to expand our program by adding more sessions per year. We have implemented periodic followup sessions to insure the teams are kept abreast of the most current information and techniques and share ideas on handling various issues they encounter in their schools.

Get Involved

If you are an educator, organize or join a team and attend an MSAP session. If you are not, let your schools & educators know about the program so they too, can become involved

Make a commitment to contribute to help our at risk children.

AZ Masonic Foundation for Children is a 501(c)(3) charity registered with the Secretary of State of AZ to solicit donations in support of our charitable children's programs.

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Our Vision

That the Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children be the premier provider of programs to enhance the lives of children in Arizona.

Our Mission

To provide training of such exceptional quality, that every school in Arizona will adopt the "Children at Risk Program" as the intervention program of choice.

To identify, develop and implement additional child centered programs that educate, nurture, fortify, and enrich the lives of the youth of Arizona.

Arizona Grand Lodge

Donate Now

AZ Masonic Foundation for Children is a 501(c)3 charity  registered with the Secretary of State of AZ to solicit donations in  support of our charitable school programs. Mail your donation to:
Bob Shrager AMFC
P.O. Box 32605
Tucson, AZ.


Coming soon!
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